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Coaching is a Partnership

I am honest, direct, and candid with clients.  I believe this creates the most productive conversations which yield the best insights and growth.  I seek to build trusting, long term partnerships with my clients, but am just as satisfied if we can meet your objectives quickly.

As an executive in the tech industry from the early Silicon Valley days, I was part of an evolution that is both fascinating and staggering.  This background serves me well in understanding the many, varied challenges executives in fast-growing companies face.

My experience includes:

  • 30 years as an executive in and consultant to tech companies, from Oracle to venture-backed startups

  • Experience as a consultant in strategy, change management, operational improvement, and leadership development

  • Trusted advisor to new leaders in growing companies

  • Experience with diagnostic assessment tools

  • CEC Certified Executive Coach

  • BA and MBA from Stanford University

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