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If you don't love your garden quite as much as you did when it was first done, I can help.  Gardens grow and evolve over time, or they can develop problem areas due to drought, disease, or simply plants that aren't happy in their spot. 
I can help you fill in, edit, and make changes to bring your garden back to its best look - one that you will love once again.



If you want something new, but not a complete rework, I can work with you to change existing spaces or add new ones to your garden.  Maybe you would like to reduce your lawn area to save water, add a new patio seating area, or a new herb and vegetable garden.  Or if you have an unused area of your yard that you'd like to transform, we can make it beautiful and useful.



If you need a completely new garden, I can work with you to define your needs and create the perfect garden that you will love.  Maybe you want to transition from a lush, water-thirsty landscape to a more modern, low-maintenance drought-tolerant space.  Or, if you've lived too long with those dated shrubs, brownish lawn or cracked aggregate, we can come up with a new space design for you to love and enjoy once again.

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