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You Define Your Goals - We Work With You to Achieve Them


A coach should be a trusted partner that you can work with candidly and openly.  While that trust may take time to build, it's an essential component of a coaching relationship, and allows you to truly make progress toward your goals.


Your coach should work with you to clarify objectives for an engagement.  It could be a problem that needs resolution, a team dynamic that needs to be changed, or a business goal that requires focus and effort.  It could also be a personal desire to change or improve.  Without clearly defined objectives, it is difficult for a coach to meet expectations and support you in reaching your goals.


You need to be clear on what you want to achieve and what the value of the achievement is to you or your company.  Coaching requires effort.  You want to make sure you are applying the effort to something worthwhile.


Coaching engagements typically range from 6 - 18 months, but many become long term partnerships that span entire careers.  A team facilitator can work with a team around a specific project, or in the early phases of formation to get the group on track and ensure productive working norms.

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